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Wat is de Prostaat en wat is Prostaat Massage

De prostaat klier zit halverwege tussen de ballen en je rectum en zit rond de urether gewikkeld. De urether is de buis waarmee urine en sperma door de penis naar buiten wordt gebracht. De prostaatklier heeft diverse functies. De voornaamste functie is het aanmaken van het zaadvocht wat zich vermengt met het sperma tijdens de ejaculatie. De prostaatklier is ook de krachtbron achter de ejaculatie die er als een soort pomp voor zorgt dat het sperma naar buiten wordt gespoten. 

(en nu even in het Engels verder. Als ik even tijd heb vertaal ik het nog eens)
The ability to attain an erection and to be able to urinate efficiently is all linked to the prostate. When the prostate is swollen pressure is applied to the urethra making the passage of urine difficult. Pressure is also placed on the nerves responsible for an erection making them less sensitive which can make getting an erection difficult, even impossible. It is recommended that if you experience any discomfort or problems with your prostate you should always visit your Doctor.

What is Prostate Milking? 
Recent studies conducted in Australia speculate that men who regularly masturbated, while in their 20s, may have better chances of avoiding prostate cancer in later life. Milking your prostate can help to "flush out" the build up of toxins which accumulate within the prostate gland.The milking session usually lasts between 10 - 40 minutes, and after about 10 minutes you will begin to release fluid which has a sensation similar to slow urinating, after continued massage the fluid flows out freely.The Prostate gland is located about 4cm (1.6 inches) inside the anus and is about the size of a chestnut. The best method if you plan on doing this by yourself is to use a prostate massager. You can also use your finger but you may find this very uncomfortable and difficult to sustain. This massage can be performed in a number of positions but for this example we shall assume you are lying on your back and have a massaging device. As with most exercises you will need to warm up. Gently massage you're the area between your scrotum and anus, know as the perineum, to help stimulate the prostate gland. For the next bit a good lubricant is vital, especially for first timers. Gently, and slowly, insert a finger into the entrance of your anus. You may find that gently massaging the opening first will help relax the sphincter muscle, which may spasm and contract upon initial entry but this will only last for about 30 seconds and will quickly relax again. Move your finger further into the anus and with your fingernail facing your back make a 'Come Here' motion with your finger. You should now be pressing on the prostate and may feel the urge to urinate - don't worry, that won't happen. At this point your should slowly withdraw your finger and insert the massaging device, continuing to massage. You will find that it is increasing in sensitivity so continue to stimulate the prostate until you feel your sphincter muscles contract and the prostate swell. Upon ejaculation the prostate gland with rapidly contract and empty, shooting out the semen.

Prostate Milking and Orgasm Denial
For couples where the man wears a chastity device, prostate milking can become a very erotic part of chastity play. If the chastity device is being worn to prevent masturbation and to deny orgasm, the prostate can be milked to remove the toxins normally flushed out during ejaculation through masturbation or during sex, keeping the prostate healthy. It can also be done whilst still wearing the chastity device and without inducing an orgasm, just ejaculation.